Kill assist system in PvP games

I put it on suggestions because it is a global thing that is suggested for every PvP game. I hope this isn’t a duplicate :sweat_smile:

Idea: Kill assist system in PvP games (SG, TW, SW, HIDE).

More information: It should work like all players that have contributed to damaging the killed player get a kill.
The player with the most damage dealt to a player gets the kill, and the others get a « kill assist », worth 3/4 or 1/2 of the XP gained from a normal kill.

Currently Mineplex has this syestem, so it would be great to have it on Hive too.

  • :x: No kill assist system (comment why)
  • Kill assist on Hide and Seek (as Hider and Seeker)
  • Kill assist on SG
  • Kill assist on TW

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Make sure to vote on it at the top of this suggestion if you’d like this to be implemented !

They’d have to rework the stats and api, which could be a bit of a mess, not against it though


I agree with what @thegamingtoyyt said. Also, I don’t think it’s that much of a problem to warrant a system. I think kills work fine right now.

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I both like and don’t like this idea. cuz I mean smh (I get to steal killsssss) and also I like the idea cuz sometime ppl steal kills from me. @Ptitjoueur123 “How about I get all the kills” whisper

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