Kicked for no reason

Hey there!
In the past few days, when I was playing Just build on the Hive Server with a friend, she was kicked several times for no reason. She says it only happens with this mini-game (just-build) and that she hasn’t done anything illegal.
Hope anyone see this.

This was the anti-cheat. The anti-cheat is being constantly worked on and is not perfect


SugarRush is the anti cheat for glitching into blocks or something idk. As Unikern stated the ani cheat is not perfect is and always being worked on

Edit: I said idk jeez. Everyone acting like i know everything


no I thought woodpecker was the anticheat for glitching into blocks

I thought woodpecker was block glitch too, sugar rush sounds like a speed hack message to me.

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Hey there! The anti cheat is not perfect yet, as the others above me stated. The devs are working pretty hard on it but until it’s better, we just have to live with it. Don’t try glitching into blocks, as I believe that causes the “SugarRush” kick.

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As long as you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about with anticheat kicks :wink:

And welcome to the forums! :stuck_out_tongue: