Kick Player Who Chilling on Block and Moving When The Block will gone

Tge ability to vote on what to build
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More info needed i have no idea what u want


Ok, I was already confused by the title, so what is it?

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Suggestion asks to kick a player who is standing on a block until it’s about to fall

Block Drop

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I’ll assume you’re talking about the new LTM.

Although I find it annoying as well. I feel like if that’s how people want to play the game, so be it.


If you’re talking about Just Build here. Please keep suggestion to one idea each. Just build voting has been suggested here Just Build Voting. Please use the search function [The :mag: Icon in the top left of this page] before suggesting to see if your idea has already been suggested :wink:


I’d say No, and here’s why: the game has different tactics. One of them is this one. What’s the point of playing this game if this suggestion is accepted? Furthermore, you can’t technically afk in this game. you AFK you fall, you fall you die. That’s the point

I believe they are trying to say that people stand on the block until it turns red and only then they’ll move to the next one. I can understand why that can be a bit annoying but honestly speaking, there isn’t anything we can particularly do about it. They’ll eventually fall of when they don’t have any blocks to hop on to. Alternatively, you can circle around them and remove the blocks around them so they won’t be able to jump to the nearest one :stuck_out_tongue:


How about a message is posted in chat saying it’s bannable even though people won’t get banned


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Then the mods have to look more false report about a false rule that was broken that they’re higher up made to make players fear about it.

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How about a message saying people won’t like you if you do it

What would be the point of that though? People not liking a strategy doesn’t make it any less effective

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