Keyboard cam (SG moments)

thanks for watching, not my best video game play and flow wise but I wanted to see what my hands looked like when I play.

nice video, mousecam next?

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I agree with @StickPerson1540 and heres some forum rules

This kinda breaks both those rules. I would wager this kinda falls under spam or unnecessary conversation. Also a keyboard cam for me would be sad lol


wdym i said ok???!!1!1! i never said ok go check again

Interesting to see a video of the keyboard while playing though, I’m a bit surprised by how little the hand moves while gaming but that makes sense in retrospect considering the keybinds are designed to be next to each other.


I used to use default hotkeys and my hands got really tired after each treasure wars match.

Yeah it’s not exactly like fortnite where you spam every key to build quickly. It’s more hold down the sprint key while holding down W+A/W+D and the occasional spacebar or shift. Most complex stuff is actually in the mouse with obviously clicking and looking around but also the custom button on my mouse to toggle 3rd person mode and pressing scroll wheel down to instantly switch to hot bar slot 1 which has my sword. Next time I do something like this I will get a better camera with an actual mount so you can see both my keyboard and mouse.

Same, I have just mapped my programmable mouse buttons to toggle third person and hotkey for me, much easier and quicker/shorter finger movements resulting in better pvp and less fatigue. Another cool trick I have done is mapped my Q key to be sprint so I can easily hold it down with the W key and use my other three fingers to use shift and space and strafe comfortably.

I’ve personally used default my whole life, never got tired but that just may come down to years of hotkeying

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I’m on a mac and the cool thing about it is that if I set my sprint to caps lock, it becomes togglesprint. I used that.

banned for macro, cya


lel banned for sprinting to much

all it does is hold sprint

best of all, it works in any game


not a macro

it’s the same thing as taping down the sprint key

It’s also built right into the game, you can remap your keybinds from the settings menu so there’s not really any room to call it an exploit. Personally I have my sprint bound to shift and sneak bound to c, but I remember sprint being bound to control before I remapped it so it could be the default.

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yeah, taking advantage of keybinding for quicker easier hotkeys and actions is game changing

High definition texture pack, view bobbing set to OFF, profane rap music. My definition of a try-hard.

lunar network pvper in a nutshell

except the no view bobbing

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