Ketchup with Pizza/Spaghetti

Look guys i am so sorry but putting Ketchup on Margherita and spaghetti is just amazing. I used to eat it in my Land and it was normal than i came to Europe and everyone found it disgusting no idea why. LIKE THEY PUT TOMATO SAUCE WHATS THE DIFFERENCE THEY ARE BOTH TOMATOS.

anyway just wanted to share my pain love all of u <3

This topic will be closed as it is not hive related


Bruh it’s in off-topic, isn’t that what it’s for?

Yea that’s kind of odd… dk the difference between ketchup and tomato sauce but tbh it’s literally the same!
I understand your pain…

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Bro u are a real Man among us ILY

Shuhhh it will survive i belive in it

You just annoyed the 50% of me that is Italian

don’t do that

I am going to throw up :face_vomiting:

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My eyes help

Y’all just don’t have the right amazing taste how sad

Pizza with ketchup ok
But pizza with spaghetti with ketchup no thx

Ketchup is gross like

Barbeque sauce on pizza is fine but nah ketchup just get extra pizza sauce instead

Yup agree 100%

u just made me google pizza with barbeque Sauce. AND TRUST ME NO BRO

u agree to me and only me love

No chicken BBQ Pizza trust me it tastes soo good

Just thought I’d add this


Yea what ketchup does is just make pizza a little bit sour

i dont wanna hear u talking bat that if u didnt even try ketchup on pizza
pizza ketchup

That image is cursed