Keep the winter maps

It’s rare that we get new maps, and since there are two new Christmas maps for every gamemode, I think 1 Christmas map should be kept in per gamemode. I think it’s just a waste of team nectars time and resources to make maps that aren’t permanent since we don’t get new maps very often.

They could come back next Christmas.

They’re definitely coming back next Christmas, and it really is meant to enhance the winter aspect with limited edition features covering the entire server, not just the hub or a single LTM. So it’s really a good thing to have these.


I’m pretty sure back then they added christmas maps like Snowfall(DR), Candy and Snowfall during December and they’re still here. This could be considered, but they could always port some Java Hive maps for new content.

(btw this isnt a bump lma :heart: )


Yeah, hopefully they do that with the non reskin maps. I don’t see the point of wasting team nectar’s time with seasonal maps that aren’t just block replacing or minor changes

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I don’t know why they shouldn’t, but the Halloween SG map was removed after Halloween. It’s a huge MAYBE.