Just looking for some friends

Hey I was playing TW all by my self and I kinda got bored of it so I was wondering if anyone would be fine playing with me I would prefer if you liked TW and I would also like you to be over level 30 at it but lower is fine just let me know. All I really wan’t is someone to play with me. Let me know your username mine is Qtsaw.


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k what level are you just send me a friend request and when im on i will accept it


level 70

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nice im only 45 i will send you a friend request my username is Qtsaw

I’m level 61

What about u?

Lmao ty I guess. Level doesn’t mean skill tho

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45 im am that wow you good


My level is like 2,586

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wait what? what level are you actually

joking im level 30 something aha

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I’m in the 20s bc I don’t grind it, but I am 30 in sg if that qualifies me, ign is d0ugh kn33 bone, might have hit my friends limit though

You could do this all in the discord in the looking-for-a-game-section

YummyWaffles513, uh idk my level…

As @Arthur78234 said above, the Hive team does not take these jokes lightly and players have been banned from both the Discord and the Forums for making these jokes. Just try to be mindful of that in the future. :+1:


Dude. That post was 10 months ago…

You unnecessarily replied.

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