Just build update (water)

Before I start I just wanted to say that this has been bugging me and made making builds in the Hive mini game “just build” harder. This being the water bucket. The fact it can’t flow is useful in some cases, but others it’s just painful and takes up most of your time. So this is how it should be fixed. I don’t know if this is possible (if not, oh well)but maybe make it to where you have 2 water buckets inside of your inventory and one doesn’t flow, while the other does. If you can’t do duplicate water buckets I have a idea for it. Use one of the water buckets that also spawn fish types and when you place it down it has flowing water and with the fish, just use a command saying /kill @e[type= (fish type) ] easy fix. That’s all! Thank you for reading.

The water not flowing is due to the custom software the hive uses, I think it is in their interest to fix this at some point