Just Build - How To Play [Unofficial]

How to play Just Build [Unofficial]

Options of Gameplay:
Solos-5 minutes build time, you don’t get a partner.
Teams-5 minutes build time, you get a person from your party or someone random.
Teams (Extended)-10 minutes build time, you get a person from your party or someone random.

You will get time to build one of the random topics. [Pizza, cheese, house, etc.]
After the time is up, you will get to vote on the other team’s builds.
Voting fairly makes it fun for everyone!

You can choose: Meh, Ok, Good, Great, and Love. Your vote will count towards who wins by points.
The maximum level for this game mode is currently 20 and you can unlock builder hats/trails/hub titles

Tips for Just Build

Tips for Building


Swirls: Particles that float around you during build/voting time
White Swirls-Lv2
Gold Swirls-Lv5
Red Swirls-Lv9
Blue Swirls-Lv11
Green Swirls-Lv15
Purple Swirls-Lv17
Aqua Swirls-Lv19

Builder Hats: A hat worn during building time only
Ruby Leather-Lv9
Sapphire Leather-Lv11
Emerald Leather-Lv15
Amethyst Leather-Lv17

If you want to change your flooring, use /floor while holding the block you wish to change the floor

Some rules:
-Do not build any racist, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate builds (includes bad words)
-Do not party alt accounts to boost your score
-Do not AFK to intentionally gain points
-Do not team grief This includes adding inappropriate things on a build when in teams

If you see anyone breaking these rules, be sure to report them to hit that report button, or report in the Hive Discord/forums
If you are going to report evidence for these inappropriate builds on the forums try to send the evidence to an admin separately rather than posting on here

If you see any errors or improvements I can make to this post, please let me know. This is just an overview of what I’ve seen today.

What is your opinion on Just Build?

  • Yay! There’s Just Build!
  • Alright game, needs improvement
  • Its not really my thing

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I personally love the new mode. That ‘pizza’ topic is by far the best topic. (unbiased)


That’s debatable.


You forgot “this game sux cuz i cants buidls.!!!”


I love building ect, and am ok at the game ect but obviously as it’s a rushed gamemode it makes it harder to enjoy.

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Does anyone know what hub titles you can get? I’m up to level 8 and was wondering what other ones there are. Thanks :slight_smile:

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please do not bump dead forum posts

this is considered necro posting


I feel bad for ignoring that legit question just because of nEcRo pOstInG.

Hub Titles - Google Chrome 18.05.2020 17_27_53

source: https://support.playhive.com/hub-titles/

As long as the person posting has a question related to the thread, or is adding something to the discussion, necro-posting is okay! :+1:


I’m just here to say welcome. So…Welcome!

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Thanks sorry I didn’t know there was a list and I’m new around here so I don’t know all the rules :slight_smile: :upside_down_face:


But it’s annoying when people necro post on a thread that doesn’t need to get revived.

I didn’t know what necro-posting was at the time and it’s only 2 moths out, not like 7 months

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how many players are there? both duos and singles

solos - 12
solos extended - 12
duos - 24
duos extended - 24