Just Build Experience Boost

I want to talk about experience in Just Build. I personally think it has to be boosted. This has been suggested some times before, but I have some more specific details to touch on.

  1. Boosters
    Many people tell me to use boosters, and here’s the simple response. I do. I’ve used at least 10 boosters for playing Just Build, and still only have 11k experience out of the 19k needed for max level. That’s outrageous. Now, of course placements matter too, but I can get 1st place quite easily, which I do, yet I’m still not gaining experience, at least not nearly enough.

  2. Future Updates
    Reaching level 20 in Just Build is difficult enough as is, just imagine it in the future. Deathrun and Hide and Seek were easily able to be maxed out at level 20 with just 2-4 days of good grinding. Whereas Just Build is not. I mean, if 20 more levels are added, then those could take days of grinding just for one single level, and that’s not even an exaggeration.

I hope someone listens to this and realizes how truly difficult it is for the average player to reach max level in Just Build, and perhaps boosts the experience a bit, or just does something about the matter.


You :clap: are :clap: not :clap: meant :clap: to :clap: max :clap: it :clap: out :clap: in :clap: one :clap: day.
It’s supposed to be hard, otherwise some people would stop playing it because they maxed it out.


It took me weeks to max out Just Build. Agreed. :+1: