Just Build (disable parties in solos)

Make solos queues not queue-able while in partys, as well as duos with a party of more than 2 people.

I think this would be great for Just Build. It’s so annoying when you’re just trying to play the game mode, and the most inappropriate, or racist, disgusting build wins.

It happens because people queue in together in a party then vote Love for each others builds, you can see it sometimes if you pay attention and you see multiple people join at the exact same time, or some people don’t hide it at all and have nearly the same exact name. Like a clan name or something. Like I said, its extremely annoying when you’re just trying to play, and these disgusting builds win. It makes you not want to play any more, and that’s just sad. Considering the game mode doesn’t give that much xp too, even winning first place with decently high votes, it especially sucks.

This problem is even worse at night time, when less helpers or no helpers at all are online, and when you report them with the blaze powder they don’t get removed from the game. Sure you can report them later, but no consequences are served in the moment, and the game is ruined. I understand you’ll never be able to stop immaturity, and people doing this. Though maybe if my suggestion is put into play, the winners of the game would be more realistic, people who actually put in effort, built the topic, and did well that deserve it.

Let me know what you all think! Thanks for reading :slight_smile:


its not always because of parties

yeah its super annoying but what can ya do about it

When those builds win, 99% of the time it’s because their buddies are in the game partied up. What we can do about it is disable parties for solo games, and no more than 2 in a party for duos. So at least the builds don’t win, and ruin the game for everyone else who actually tried.

It’s often fun to see what your friends build, in all gamemodes Hive has prioritized the ability to play with a lot of friends over the risk of encountering crossteaming.


I agree, but with Just Build it’s more toxic builds and crossteaming than actually just playing the game with friends, by a long shot.