Just Build Crowd Pleasers/Things to Build on Certain Themes

Here’s a list of some Just Build themes off the top of my head and what people usually like to vote great or love on. I also added some things to look out for while building them. Note that these do not guarantee you’ll win, and I will probably forget 75% of the themes.
If you know a theme that I left out bee sure to comment it so that I can complete this list.

Spring - Cherry blossom tree, preferably with oak logs or bone blocks as the trunk
Summer - Beach/Island with beach, preferably with a palm tree
Autumn - Tree with yellow/red leaves, try not to use orange unless you’re mixing it with yellow or red leaves; giant maple leaf pixel art works great too
Winter - Tree with snow where the leaves are supposed to be, preferably with dark oak logs as trunk to give contrast with the white snow, add white glass panes hanging down for extra mystical-ness
Farm - A barn with open doors, put some haybales inside for extra detailing
School - Anything except a brick house
Frog - Unspeakable statue; frog on a lilypad with the floor set to something blue
Snake - Preferably make it big and curly and not green
Rainbow - Make it out of glass, and try your best to make the curve smooth. Add a unicorn/poptart cat if you have time
Parrot - try making it lime/green
Snail - Gary
Breakfast - A slice of cake with alternating layers of yellow and another color that’s not black, preferably with pink and red things on the top
Emoji - poorly draw thinking face (like TallScissor’s profile picture) or laughing crying face
Zoo - a closed-off pen with a tree and a little spring and whatever animal you want in there
Flowers - try mimicking the ones in Hanging Garden the Squads map - a long, tilting green stalk with two or more leaves, then six petals at the top, with darker colors on the underside of them and lighter colors where people will mostly see. Blue and purple flowers are more pleasing to look at then orange or red flowers
Camp - tent and campfire and trees with fruits
Tent - tent and campfire and trees with fruits
Oasis - set the floor to sand, make a pool with a deserty looking tree in the middle - jungle wood looks more deserty then acacia wood, but acacia leaves look more deserty then jungle leaves
Desert - same thing above but put some cactus and dry bushes around it too
Beach - add a shark attack or something similar to make your build stand out
Ruins - Stonehenge, it’s easy to make but also looks very impressive
Landmark - same thing above
Temple - a gazebo-looking thing preferably made with quartz or prismarine, with leaves climbing up the pillars to make it look temple-y; recreating a desert temple or jungle temple works too but only if you know exactly what they look like
The end - the end
Rocket - having fire (red, orange, and yellow glass) coming out of it makes it look cool
Hive - perfectly recreate a Minecraft bee; big, very custom looking tree with a hive hanging down from one of its branches; Hypixel logo for humor points
Bee - perfect recreate a Minecraft bee, preferably surrounded by flowers
Minecraft - one grass block for humor points; the overworld with some vanilla looking trees and stuff
Skyblock - floating island with some basic Skyblock stuff, like a tree, chest, maybe water; recreating a standard Skyblock island works too but only if it looks exactly like a standard Skyblock island
Island - a floating one would work great but it’s harder to make and people might not appreciate it; an island in the ocean with a beach then grass with maybe some trees, make sure it’s not a perfect circle or square
Bridge - four pillars in a rectangle shape, then connect them up with a bridge-looking block and maybe fences at the sides
Factory - cheesecake
Train - a rail track with a train on it and a fancy train station at the side
Ghost - white misty (use glass) thing with eyes, hide some sea lanterns inside the glass for extra effect
Spider - a white spider looks nicer than a black spider, and white blocks are also much easier to build with than black blocks. Try adding a web made of quartz for extra detail
Hedgehog - a hedgehog
Watermelon - a huge slice preferably three blocks thick, with a knife lying before it, (or in it, that works too xD)
Diamond - not a traditional Minecraft diamond, a more real life looking one. Encase in light blue/white glass for extra effect
Insect - ladybug
Animal - something easy to build, something that doesn’t walk on four legs
Western - change to floor to sand so that you can plant cacti and dead bushes, maybe add some big custom built cacti and dead bushes, change it to orange concrete powder at the end for extra western look
Statue - a fountain with a statue on top of it, in the middle of a park for extra statue-y look
Fox - a fox
Garden - a lot of big flowers
Instrument - a piano because people will always recognize it, compared to if you were to build the timpani or a trumpet
Panda - a panda, add some bamboo for details
Film - film tape or the thing that people hold when they say “cut”.
Cheese - a slice of cheese, with a mouse coming out of the side if you have time
House - worry about the exterior before the interior. If you use double doors, people will likely have a hard time getting into the interior
Computer - a computer, maybe a keyboard and mouse
Technology - a computer, maybe a keyboard and mouse; waterwheel for creative points
Video games - Nintendo Switch, people seem to like it a lot more than Xbox or PlayStation
Pirate - a pirate ship, maybe an island
Boat - a pirate ship, maybe an island
Monkey - preferably include it with some jungle trees and some bananas

I can’t think of any more themes. (Are some of these even actual themes? XD) If you know I missed something, please comment it.

Thank you for reading!


It’s a good idea for people who don’t build but I built the first thing that comes to my mind I built also I can do a lot with my brother and also I use very good detail in everything I do my strat is if I dislike the topic I quit then some times I come up with a Creatve idea and most of the time I spam blocks to make builds big

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