Just build bug-blocks breakable

Hello, I would like to report a where I’m able to break the outside mapish part Video link is below

Change the category to #server-bug-reports :+1:

Im sorry to bother but I tried and it says im not permitted

Have you clicked on the edit button? It’s the pencil icon.

Yes I have!

Im very sorry about this I figured it out im sorry

If you make a topic on any category that isn’t #server-bug-reports, you can’t edit it and change to that category for a reason that I already explained before.

And @TheBlacktknight, don’t triple post. Use the edit button. And, threads can only be deleted if nobody replied to it.

I’m quite sure it’s just a client sided issue without impact for others.
Probably the same thing: Just Build Bug/Glitch



As stated above if you ever come across any bugs / issues, it’s always best to report them here -> #server-bug-reports so they can be reviewed / dealt with properly. However, for the thing you are talking about in your main post, this is a client-side thing meaning that the blocks themselves are still there, but since you broke them too fast for your client to make them “reappear” it is stuck like that on your end - but since it is only client-side you are the only one affected by this, and if you join a new round they will be there again.