Jump twice to leap in sky royale

If you have a leaping spell in your inventory, jumping twice should activate the leap so you don’t have to switch to the book to use it

This might accidentaly happen when you are running, and then you could just fall into the void or get messed up


How about it only works if you have it in your off hand slot?

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Why was this flagged? It was not bad in any way. Welcome to the forums though! :partying_face:

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Yeah no idea lol might be because I’m new

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Someone’s either flagging them or they’re flagging themselves.


No it was getting flagged as soon as I sent it, it was getting flagged automatically

It must have been @system who false flagged yet another post. :roll_eyes:

Hmmm… Maybe system flagged it because it is impossible with the way the game is set up. No, system isn’t that smart.

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Ok all this is irrelevant to the original post