Jump reset tutorial lmao

Hello i will ask this question for the 3rd time in hive forums becuz no one is taking it seriously, how do i jump reset like hikqrii cuz i notice that he’s op at pvp becuz he is jump resetting and taking less kb so please how do i jump reset like the other godly players i wanna use it on sumo.

Since this isn’t really hive-related and this is after all the Hive forums help me section, it’d be better to research questions like this on other platforms like Google or YouTube as there are more in depth tutorials there :blobheart:


Here’s a good video that might help you learn!

Ate you talking about jump reduce or jump reset? There 2 completely different things

pretty sure we’ve already explained this to you multiple times


tutorials doesn’t work tho

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watch some vids on it or something.
just keep practicing lol.

it should take 20 seconds to understand, a few days to do it well, and like 2 months to master it

jump when you get hit. that’s it.

That us literally everything to do with jump reduce lmao that easy but it’s hard to them until you pratice

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no dude i notice godly players jump before they get hit and idk why. i krep jumping everytine i get hit and I’m using this technique since January 2021 but im still bad at it

Why are you trying to reduce then lol

I don’t reduce and time my hits and strate a lot… (Ryan is better but I still strafe a lot) and I can say I’m better than most players

If you can’t do it after a year you’re doing smth wrong I can reduce/ reset well enough and I practiced for about 2 weeks


Yea like that for me I also try to strafe and jump reduce it is harder but more effective also straight-line is easiest to jump reduce

That’s the exact reason why im going to switch on java dur to jump resetters + jump tesetting is unfair

Ok lol

Have fun playing an even more competitive version with w tapping dealing unbalanced kb :wave:


lmao it takes 1 year for me to learn it,i jump when i hit the ground tho and it works very great