It’s not letting me join hive

Hi it’s not letting me join hive but to my friend it says i joined I tried restarting my ps4,restarting the app and disconnecting my wifi non of its working but all my other servers work except for hive

Please help me with this issue

Hey welcome to the forums!
What does it say, when you try joining?

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It says “connection timed out unable to connect to world”

Maybe check your internet connection?
Or turn off your device?

I have done that multiple times

the same thing is happening to me

Maybe Try doing this? Hope this works? Click add servers then type this and click join.

im on console so i can’t add a sever

If you still can’t join hive, I suggest DMing a staff about the issue.
Edit- which version of mc are you?

i’m on console, the latest 1.18.12

Same it’s still isn’t working

yeah must be a thing for PlayStation i tried on my mobile and it worked

Hopefully it works soon

yeah i hope so too