Is this even allowed?

So I found out that the guy in the picture above had the same username as me, just that his one doesnt have a 100 behind it

Idk about this, but is it even allowed for two players having almost similar igns, like is that legal? Does Mojang allow players to have similar igns?

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Obviously, what can they do to stop it?
Players can have any IGN , as long as they are not exactly the same as others.


Maybe he is faster than you to creative his gametag. And why you are chinese? You from China?

I am not from China, is just that I set my language on my pc to chinese

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Ok. My computer is chinese too.

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Can you give a heart?

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The 100 is because you weren’t the first, it’s like Discord’s #0001 tag. BTW it’s allowed.

why beg for a like


The names aren’t exactly same so they’re allowed, they can be similar. The reason your name had a number with your name in the first place was because someone already had the name without the number.

i have the same gamertag as someone else because of their new system for changing them.

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