Is this average

My skills level is random but I got a 7 kill second place in duos is that average or above.I ask because I hardly every play sg.


Idk honestly :sweat_smile: , perhaps in future post something like this in an existing thread :innocent:

This thread didn’t need to be made…but I’d say 7 is roughly average. When I play SG (not that much) and I win a game (hahah barely ever happens) I get 10-14 kills usually

Ok just wondering what was abt average

It depends on you play style if I’m being honest. If you are very aggressive and actively seeking kills for exp, I would say 10-12 is average. If you usually scavenge for resources and get occasional kills then I’d say its pretty good.

I get 6-8 kills every round as I usually kill in the start during the Blood bath and the end to initiate the Death Match…

I would say that 7 kills is about avg. I normally get around 15 kills a game but I’m a bit average :upside_down_face::smirk:

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I just get 1 chest and go to an area where I know other chests are and I rush anybody I see if I have better or same gear.

What do you play on???

I was about to give my opinion on this but according to paroxity i don’t qualify so…

I’m Xbox dude how bout you

Pc player

I know this isn’t trying what you’re trying to do, but when I read the title I thought it was gonna be one of those people who flex in secret. I imagined you showing your sg stats with 1000000000 kills and 0 deaths and then you say, “Is this average?” Don’t you hate it when people do that???
Other than that, I really don’t know what skill level that is.


Yeah I really hate it when people do that.It reminds me of a rocket league steorytype video and one guy just bragged and I wanted to snap his neck lmao.

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Statistically you have a 4.5 percent winrate, and if paroxity’s calculated skill is to be believed you would be statistically below average. Which doesn’t matter it’s just a game after all, but yeah.
A 7 kill duos game isn’t super uncommon, but if that is the best you’ve pulled off, that’s really not good if you play pc, not good if you play console, and on mobile that would probably be average idrk