Is there a way to change the gamertag a second time without paying real money?


No. You can always get a new account, but you’d lose all purchases and gamerscore.


If you had an xbox account before the new gamertag system was announced, you could change your gamertag for free.

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Im pretty sure xbox give out free name changes on Christmas day

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For the second time, you don’t have to pay I believe. But for more times, you’d have to pay 10 dollars for each name change.

Don’t worry, your Hive progress won’t be lost!

I hope so but there is still a long way to go

That’s tru
You can always do what Smiled said

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my previous was Donaterik12 then a change it to ItzDonaterik cuz im a sweat pvp and most of them dont use numbers that the reason i change it lol

Wait what?

Is this true? I want to change my name so bad

My irl friends told me it is, and he changed his name on Christmas day so it’s probably true


When did he create his account? If before mid 2019 then he had a free change?
Just to confirm, because I doubt that would be true to be honest.

Idk when he created it, I just remember him telling me that he was going to change his name on Christmas because Xbox gave out free name changes (He got the supposed name change Christmas day 2020)


Answer: No, there is no possible way of changing your gamertag. But, Microsoft does give you one free username change, after creating an account possibly. After that you’d have to pay some amount of money, if you would like to change it again. Presumably, the Christmas Day username change that everyone in the thred were talking about, is 100% false.