Is it worth it to grind out treasure wars?

I’m thinking about focusing on treasure wars and trying to get to level 100 (mainly to look cool). I used to play in scrims and I was only level 40. I also do yt so I could stream me grinding. Please let me know what you think I should do. :smiley:

Its your choice, if you enjoy playing treasure wars then go for it.

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Ok thanks! :slight_smile:

idk go for it ig im gonna start grinding and at least try to get level 50

Getting max level on TW means your good and all, but the level itself and the rewards that come with it are purely cosmetic.

Only if you really want to, then do it. Just know that it isn’t very easy to do, and it takes A LOT of effort to achieve.

im currently grinding treasure wars and I enjoy it
do what u enjoy
and dont stream you grinding most people like me wont see it as you wont be able to read chat and do haha funi things
if u enjoy grinding any other u can do it
like I cant grind sg i just dont enjoy it.

I enjoy playing treasure wars, ESPECIALLY with friends that are fun to play with, definitely worth to grind if you want to

Grinding treasure wars is tedious/fun! If you have the time…absolutely

not gonna lie, i reckon the easiest way to get XP is to just throw yourself at the enemy you spawn with and get their treasure before they can defend, even if it means losing the game, because getting a treasure gives the same XP as winning the game, or getting 10 kills. honestly its a pretty big exploitable fault in the XP system that you can get 60+ xp from just kamikazeing the first person you see, then join a new lobby and do it again within a minute. Personally i just see a persons level as how aggressive someone is, and how likely they are to instantly rush me since there isnt any skill based matchmaking

It took me an hour to get to level 10

It gets harder to level up the more you play

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only until like level 50, which is relatively easy to get to

once you get to level 52, you only have to get 7 650 xp for each level (don’t ask why i put a space in 7,650, I’m canadian)

if you grind 6 hours a day, at level 50, you can level up about 2 times a day with hive+, and I’d assume once per day without hive+

honestly, your choice

or grind an hr a day and get a little over half a lvl

If I grind duos for 1-2 hours a day how long would it take me, 6 hours a day is insane

i usually play 6 hours a day and i get atleast 1 or 2 levels in those 6 hours

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lets assume that you earn 1/3 the XP if youre really skilled and push toward that 2 hours… thats about 2/3 of a level per day, or 2 levels every 3 days. for those 50 levels, that would take 25x3 days… 75 days.
Youre expecting at least 2-3 months straight of grinding this game.

I usually get 5 ish levels per 6 hours, but I do play trios.