Is it only to me?

Since I updated from 1.17.11 to 1.17.32, when I switch my items, their name don’t appear on the hotbar. How can I make out is it a kb boombox or a poison one? Same goes with iron swords. Can someone let me know is this happening to you? :thinking:

Are you using a texture pack?

I got rid of the Palmz pack, Java Chat and Enchantment glint and now it works fine. @SuperDecoys thank you so much!

Now I’m trying to figure out which pack causes the issue. :slight_smile:

Edit: Turns out that my own texture pack has this issue. I’m not sure what causes it though. I’m more than sure that this wasn’t a thing in 1.17.11


Usually new updates will unintentionally mess existing features up, this is especially common with texture packs and resource packs so I wouldn’t worry too much about the reasoning, you can always check the update notes and something might be listed there that could be contributing.

Glad it’s fixed!