Is double clicking your mouse allowed?

Many PvPers have developed methods that allow for their mouse to register one click as two, it’s all based on the switches for the mouse. It’s recently been more publicized that double clicking on Versai is cheating and a ban, which leads me to the question: is double clicking your mouse (not a macro, but by abusing the switches) to get very high (20 cps) against Hive rules? In my opinion, it should be banned, as the players aren’t physically clicking their mouse twenty times and using an exploit in their mouse, one that can’t even be used by everyone since it requires a specific switch to do it.

I have absolutely no idea, but what I’d figure is as long as you don’t set up a double click Marco or anything your probably safe, however I think a staff should answer this


It’s a method of clicking that causes your switch to register two clicks when you click once. A macro is just that - performing extra instructions or tasks with a single press or keystroke, which is why i think it should be, if not already, be bannable.

What do you mean? Like, click really fast?

I mean double clicking. Getting two clicks in one because your mouse has a special switch.

Oh ok. Well that might not be allowed since it’s considerated “unfair advantage”.


I’m pretty sure the hive has a limit to how many times you can hit so i assume it’s okay

The advantage of clicking fast is how soon after the invulnerability you can hit, not the actual speed limit

I would say yes; if you’re using a specific type of clicking that allows you to register twice as many clicks as you normally would, then that would be against the rules.

Though it may be difficult to prove since you can’t see the players’ mice, this would leave most situations to just be assumed they have an auto-clicker if they have some enormous CPS.


The sad thing is, people still believe when people “drag butterfly click” 100 cps because of “broken mouse”

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I’ll go ahead and send an example, since I don’t think my description was clear. Here’s a YouTuber by the name of Adviser doing what I’m describing.
That would be against the rules, correct?

That would be allowed

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I believe you’re saying since there’s a “technique” involved (physically) it’s not cheating. My only problem with that logic is that the technique involves “abusing” the switches in a mouse much more than the so called technique is involved. I’ll ask you a different question. If I had some weird mouse that no one uses (obviously everyone has different mice) and clicking it in a certain way gave me thirty clicks every time I touched it, would that be fair play? I’m obviously not touching the mouse thirty times, the switches are just manipulated (abused?) into clicking thirty times. Here’s my best analogy: A track runner realizes that if he pushes his foot on the initial starting pad at a precise point (not sure what the name is) it lets him start the race earlier than others. Is he cheating, or is he using a technique?

Well, that would be bannable.

And I’m not entirely sure, but I think double-clicking works on most mice(even my office mouse), and it’s a valid strategy. However, a “broken” mouse that can triple-click without using the technique would be bannable. It’s like jitter clicking without actually jittering.

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Interesting that you mention the weird mouse, because this technique only works on a few mice. Does that change your opinion on it’s legality?

On most mice that I have tried, I can double bounce.

Just saw this edit, whoops. Do you mind answering if you think the track runner I described is cheating or not? Just trying to see your logic more clearly.

I actually am not sure. I’ll go with him cheating just because the running competition is about running, not weird ways to get a head start.

Double clicking takes skill.

Also, “jittering without jitter clicking” makes no sense. Jitter clicking is something you do with your hand to make it move fast enough to press the mouse 12 times a second. Double clicking is your mouse switches causing you to click 20 times per second even if you haven’t clicked 20 times.

I know it doesn’t make sense, just creating an analogy.

And no, you have to tap your mouse in a specific way to register double clicks.