Is Butterfly Clickling Allowed In The Hive?

I have a redgear A20 Mouse, and it seems like i can butterfly click 10-13 cps and I’m wondering if it’s allowed on the hive as most servers don’t allow butterfly clicking.

All types of clicking method are allowed.
You only aren’t allowed to make third party modifications :+1:

to add on to the above, you can check out this site to learn more


Thanks! my mouse’s debounce time is set to 20 by default

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Yes, butterfly clicking is allowed, as I butterfly click 13-15 cps, (16-17 on a good day). Just make sure you dont lower your debounce time under 10ms, which is considered an unfair advantage. Hope this helps!

pretty sure me and laggyboi already said that

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yes but you didnt add the debounce time rule im not sure

ah, i thought i saw the debounce rule in the webpage i sent… nvm

edit: but it does mention this:image
in the categorically denied modifications

yes though if your mouse double clicks even with above 10ms (like mine) it’s OK, as long as you dont modify it to do so.

Im using a razer basilisk x hyperspeed on my mobile device and i can only butterfly click a max of 8 cps but mostly 7 when my finger gets tired :frowning: how can i get higher cps without double clicking?
Or atleast how do i combo without high frames

please don’t necro post.
This means bumping a topic, (replying to an old post) without adding something useful to the actual topic.
Their question was answered.
For your question, try restarting your pc, turning off vsync, removing some old and unused junk files or get a better PC.

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