Is Butterfly Clicking Allowed?

I have the mouse called Glorious Model O. Which basically is really good for Butterfly Clicking and it also double clicks. I haven’t Butterfly clicked on the Hive before just asking because I don’t want to break the rules.

Yes it is. Any form of legitimate clicking method is allowed. I’m not too sure about the double clicking though. As far as I’m aware, as long as you’re not altering the settings on the mouse to double click and instead do it legitimately, it’s fine.


^^Dont lower your debounce time and you should be good. If your mouse registers double clicks at its default debounce then it’s allowed.

Sadly if you are using the model o you are not allowed to lower your debounce time.

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Thank you all for helping. Im going to reset my glorious model o settings and I’ll be fine. Once again thanks for help!

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As long as you are not using any sort of 3rd party software to increase your cps, you should be fine.

I lowered my denounce time. If I reset my settings will I be completely fine?

Can I butterfly click with a specific way so it doesn’t double click?

Double clicking is when 1 click registers as 2, that isn’t allowed.
Butterfly clicking is allowed.

isn’t drag clicking not allowed then?

Drag clicking is allowed as long as you aren’t using any 3rd party software to increase your cps. c:

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drag clicking is more of using vibrations

yeah just make sure ur denounce time is at 10 ms.

Yup make sure it stays at 10ms

Okay thanks for the help