Inventory takes a long time to open

Hello! I recently gotten Minecraft windows 10 but every time I try to open my inventory/chest/any gui it takes a few seconds to open. Why is this? I own Minecraft java but that works just fine, Why is this problem only on mcbe and not on java mc at all?

I think maybe internet connection? You might be lagging

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I lag WAY more on java edition. However on java it feels fine.

Somtimes happens to me but which gamemode are you playing on?

So its probably the lag. And another thing you could do is close any unnecessary tabs cause it might slow down you computer

I play on skywars and treasurewars. The same problem occurs in singleplayer

Probably internet connection. Not to offend you. But maybe turn down your FOV if you do. But I recommend you sit near your wifi. And if anyone in your family or any devices are using the network, then it might delay the wifi from going faster

I always play with no tabs open. And if it is lag then why does this not occur on java mc?

Do you have any mods that you are running?

no. No texture packs or mods.

Is this happening when you are playing on the hive AND survival world?

Happens on every server and also singleplayer.

Then this is a problem you should talk with the Minecraft Bedrock support not with the Hive. The Hive is only one server of the others that is lagging. So the hive is not responsible for this. I think you should go on the bedrock support and ask the problem. The hive might help if this was the ONLY server that was lagging, but since you said your survival world is too, the hive forums/game can’t help you with that.

Alright. Thanks for the help anyway!

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No problem. Wish you the best of luck!

turn off screen animations + this is just something that happens on bedrock


No it’s not. Even with animation disabled. It still takes long time to open than Java Edition or old Bedrock Minecraft.

Bedrock and Java are both different. There will always be some difference between the two… Unless you mod the game or something, it is just something that you have to deal with.

That’s just lag man I used to have horrifying lag