Insta open menus

Steal from cubecraft and instantly open the menus with the items in your hot bar in the hub rather than having to right click

as someone who rarely playes on cc I hate that feature fr


i play cc a lot and i like it so voted

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This is definitely a mobile improvement, which is what the Hive is currently working on a lot according to JollyajaX

this is definitely NOT a mobile improvement, as a mobile player I can assure you that hive’s system is better

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Nah defentily maybe I just want to hold the item because I am no life

It surely is an improvement, however you are used to the current system. It’s not like you could just switch to a different hotbar slot if you have an issue with opening a menu on accident. There are some issues that currently apply to DeathRun and other games as well, as there are many players not knowing how to use the items (as you see many deaths trying to punch the trap instead of interacting with it). Making a server-wide change to all these items would improve mobile gameplay. :smile:

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I do agree that making most of the things tap-to-use instead of press-and-hold to use would be so much better for mobile players. However, they have already done this for the game selectors and menu things in the hub - this suggestion is that “whenever u click the hotbar slot it opens the menu” and i dont want that, its unintuitive and confusing.

I don’t see an issue with this, as long as it is only in the (arcade) hub and game lobbies tho. It would be confusing mid-game, however you would be able to adapt to this change after a short period of time if this was added.

I’d be fine with this if I could toggle it off, otherwise nononononono pls dont add this. How it is now is very fine, and extraordinarily intuitive for mobile players. Changing this wouldn’t benefit the vast majority of us, and may instead cause an additional annoyance while in the hub.

Hive won’t steal stuff from other servers. Trust me.

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