Infinite Blocks/Items Idea

In treasure wars and skywars cs, give us the option for infinite blocks, as well as other items such as gapples, ender pearls, snowballs, arrows, and boomboxes. Along with this, making gapple limit changeable as no matter what you can always buy exactly 10.

You’re saying that there should be an option to where how many items you can buy at a time?

No, I’m saying there should be an option where if you buy blocks they infinitely regenerate.

This should obly be limited to tw.
If you get infinite blocks in sw, that’ll break the meta. Treasure wars is more of a sumoing game then sky wars.

Further, do you even need those many blocks? An option to buy more than the given quantity has been suggested before; and it’s more efficient than this.

Not saying this is a dupe.