Increased Particle Size for Projectiles

** Increased Particle Size for Projectiles**

[My suggestion is that in Skywars and other Minigames where there are “Projectile Trails”, I would like to see an increased amount of particle size for the projectiles]

The reason I want there to be bigger and more see able projectile particles is because that would make me want to grind the game more, also servers on java like Hypixel or servers on bedrock like Hyperlands have increased particles and lots of perks like that. This would also make people want to play the server more if there are more perks and if it takes xp to get them.

[I would really like to see this be implemented]

idk my pc cant really handle particles very good and idk if most ppl can either


Oh, I guess there could be an option in your settings to turn off increased particles.

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Wait, do you want more unlockable particles for leveling up or make the particles more visible?

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I just want it to make the particles more visible.
But it would be good if they add more unlockable particles.

if Hive added more particles for projectiles the game would lag a lot for some people. It would be better if each particle was bigger, if that’s possible. Some particles don’t need this, like hearts for example. Also I would like having this in DR

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I think there are enough, I use the hearts to flex but I actually think there are too much.

@BlueSlimeMC oh I just edited it I meant for it to say that the particles should appear larger.

I think that would be annoying too

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