Increase the minimum block drop count

In skywars, you can get either 16 or 32 andesite blocks when you mine an iron ore; I think that you should get a minimum of 32 because some matches can leave you practically stranded on your island if you get unlucky with the rng, and it discourages rushing to have such a low minimum. (:


This has happened to me countless times! Would be happy to see this implemented.


If that Happens, you Can Chop the Tree in your Island, That’s why there is a Tree on Every Island, You can get four Block by Chopping a Wooden Block, That’s Why they gave a Axe for the Use!! :slight_smile:

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yes but that takes time which other players can get stacked. Or they can just make it when you spawn there is always blocks in the chest

I agree this has happened and it’s really annoying

That’s a very slow thing to do. A stone axe breaks a single log in 0.75 seconds, meaning you get 32 blocks (which is not a lot) in 6 seconds. It takes 12 seconds to get to a stack (which for myself and others is the bare minimum to rush with), and that’s just too long. All of the ender chests are looted within the first minute or so after grace period, and 12 seconds is a LOT of time to get a minimal amount of blocks.

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You can Mine Iron Ores to Get Blocks Too!! :slight_smile:

Yes lol this whole thread is about increasing the block drop from iron ore


Trueee!! Amazing suggestion!! You got my vote.

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i always get arrows lol