Increase minimum height limit in Treasure wars to stop campers

If you’ve played mega a bunch of times then you probably have seen this happen a quite a lot times even though it’s happened on the other modes.

Imagine that the last enemy team has no treasure left and there is only one player left in that team. So then you have a hard time finding the player so you get a compass and then you discovered that they built a box under one of the islands to try and hold out before the timer reaches 0 so nobody wins, but the box is high enough so they can’t get gibbed by the world limit.

If you break a block they will just replace it right away and if you go on the box then they can hit you off.

I think the Minimum height limit should be brought up higher because this is just prolonging the game and it wastes other’s time.

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The minimum play height differs per map, which map are you referring to?

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This happens in SkyWars too and I usually just attack them from another side to fool them. And if they’re trying to knock you into the void, just move a couple blocks above them and attack them.

That’s my advice to you :slight_smile:

Probably most of them.The ones I remember it happening in was on Sakura, resort , and maybe Wild West and Titan

i feel titan is the worst offender personally.

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Remember when people would boombox their way to the top of the middle tower which is out of bounds?

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If you could give me some specific examples of where it’s possible to build under the maps, that’d be great :slight_smile:

On titan, because it is made of a lot of endstone you can buy endstone, build a box to hide in and be virtually impossible to spot. Usually hiders will go around the back of the base and try to build beneath one of these endstone clumps.

I definitely agree that Titan is a hot-spot for people looking to hide in boxes low on the map. I see this happen most often (1 out of 3-4 games) on the main spawn islands, facing the middle island. This also seems to happen on the duos map Morrowland as well (sorry if I spelled that wrong). As for Skywars, I don’t tend to see this often. In Skywars, I think that people who are inclined to hide dig into walls, and don’t opt to box themselves in near the void. Also, putting in the barrier block on the Treasure Wars duos map Cityscape greatly helped improve the problem with people doing this. Overall, I support the idea of an increased build limit in Treasure Wars, and I would argue the same about Skywars. Sorry for the length of this post. :slight_smile:

this could probably help in a lot of maps so long as it doesnt hinder pearl clutching too much

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Border blocks with allow blocks should also work Here is an example in in Sakura in TW mega. Usually they build on the side of the map.

@thatOthrNerd tell em about that endstone spot in solos

(replying to con, it just doesn’t show because he was directly above me)It’s only a problem in a cs lol

There’s really no other way to get all the materials required to live that long in there.

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I’ve increased the minimum play height on Sakura by one block, this is unfortunately the most I can increase it by, as there are parts of the map just one block above what the limit is now.

As for Titan, I’ve increased the minimum play height by an additional 4 blocks, hopefully this will help.

The patched maps will be rolled out soon.

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