Inappropriate content detector in just build?

So my sister has been playing just build and coming across some bad stuff. she really likes the game but i dont want her playing it because of the stuff on there, maybe we could make a bad word/symbol detector? moderators maybe? i know theres a report system, but that wont prevent her from seeing this stuff, and she wont know what to report. please implement this idea somehow, as my sister loves just build :smile_tear:

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Everyone would love that, but its near, if not impossible for detections of inappropriate builds. Moderation could work, but there would have to be so much moderators that this wouldn’t be a good idea. Due to making sure the moderators aren’t breaking any rules and stuff like that, it just be super hard to keep track of all of them


Like the comment above said, it is kinda impossible to detect inappropriate content but even if this was implemented, people will unfortunately find a way to bypass this but your sister will just have to stick to reporting the players. If she doesn’t know how to report well then you could help her if you’re able to.


what i was thinking was an ai that would see commonly reported shapes and filter them out in future builds?

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This isn’t feasible, unfortunately. Creating an AI model that could accurately detect these inappropriate builds would take a significant amount of time, and running an active AI model against all the builds (hundreds of thousands a month) would be very expensive.

We do wish to improve the content moderation in Just Build. Most likely, we will consider saving out reported builds for manual punishments. However, not sure when we can spare time for that.

In the meantime, reporting the builds is the best way, and encouraging others to do the same helps as well.


Omg the legend is back

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ok, ill report the builds as often as i can to keep my sister’s innocent mind clean :slight_smile:

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