In-game reports don't get noticed quickly

I have noticed that playing in 1 in 10 games on skywars there is always a hacker present on the game. I tried to report it in-game but the response is too slow. And the result is hackers can still play other games because anticheat and the reporting system doesn’t work.

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Unfortunately this is how the reporting system works. You report and then a moderator comes and decided if it is true.

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The time beteeen you reporting a player and a member of our moderation team handling your report is depending on your report reputation. Reports from players which have a high reputation are prioritized.

Every time you report someone correctly your reputation will go up by one, incorrect reports however will lower your reputation (which is also how report rewards are earned, more correct reports = more Quest Points).

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Quick question, if a player with a low reputation reported a player, but later a higher reputation player also reported that player. Would the low reputation players rep go up? Since technically the mod probably would’ve saw the higher rep player first.

In short
If you report , a mod won’t just run to their pc and look on it
It depends on factors like Luca said