Improvement in HIVE ser


Improvement in HIVE servers

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Hello, I am a user from Paraguay, and I would like more servers and hosts to be implemented so that users from different parts of the world can have better connections and a more pleasant user experience. Where I live, the game can reach up to 200ms, and the same happens to all my friends from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, etc.

They just need a Region for every continent.

But you can message the hive support team. They now what to do if you have any sorts of issues.

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At keast youre not ypusing my tablet which is 1fpy (frames per year) most of the time…

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Sería interesante de ver. Votado.

Lo malo es que esto involucra gastar dinero. ¿Los dueños querrán pagar para hacer esto?

¿Y no te gustaría publicar tu sugerencia en la red oficial de the hive? Algún hispanohablante te contestará. Y los diriges aquí para que no estes tan solo.

Bienvenido SamuZinx3739.