Improve height

Also in my opinion I think it’s ok to say for other people but when your jump bridging up and hit the height it gets annoying bc you’ll get knocked off so I also think they should make it higher to approve it :smiley:

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i cant understand what you r saying, can you give a more detailed explanation on how you get knocked off by the height limit

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So when your jump bridging your going backwards while jumping up bridging and when you hit max height you cant build anymore and then you fall

If you’re jump bridging your bridge should be at the same height as your starting position

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how can you jumping bridge by jumping up and increasing level? is it backwards???

He means staircase shift/speedbridging.

Scaffolding haxxxxxxxxxxxx

thats slower than safe bridging so idk why hes so worried

what bridging technique are you even using, telly or something? because that’s not how jumpbridging works.

No increase in height limit please, it will give rise to sky base builders and some players are annoying enough when they get up high in the sky in skywars. Also if you are making a suggestion you can/should vote your own suggestion.

Theres a maximum height you can be at before you start taking damage.

Maximum height exists for a reason

I hate skybasers

if you’re reaching the height limit while jump bridging, then you’re doing it wrong

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Unless it’s vertical.