Important Text doesn't show up! (Switch, Bedrock)

Affected Service: Text
Bug: Whilst playing on the server, I realised certain types of text don’t appear such as generator times for Treasure Wars or Podium Details on the end of a game. I asked about this in the Discord and they redirected me here. As you can imagine, this is kinda a big deal.

Is it some sort of glitch or is something disabled in my settings? If it helps, I’ll specify I’m using the Bedrock edition in Nintendo Switch.

Hey there :wave:

Could you provide some pictures of this?

A lot of people are having issues with the Nintendo Switch, i think this is one of them, if this is hive cant do anything about it, as it is a Nintendo or Mojang problem.

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No, i cannot as this is my first ever question. However, I understood what caused the glitch as turning off players names also caused this.

Does the glitch also appear when player names are enabled?

This setting is supposed to hide the names of every entity(/hologram) and therfore not only player names but also generator times, NPC-names etc.

Nope, turns out the glitch was just my brotber turning off player nametags. I’m guessing the Hive uses those for generators and podiums. I’d delete the question but it says I need to wait for an admin.

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Glad you got it sorted.
This can be closed then @Splodg3r or @Hlzyzptlk