(Implemented) "Teams" and "Pro" mode for Just Build

Thanks Hive
for making the decision of implementing this and adding it in the game (sort of)! You can see this suggestion is closed, so replyes cannot be made here :slight_smile:


A Teams (2v2v2v2v2v2v2) and a Pro (longer build and vote time, harder builds) mode for Just Build

More information:

Pro mode will have the same number of players that Teams mode (will probally) have, but building time and voting time will be longer just so the voters will have enough time to view the build before voting. The build themes will be harder as well. Build space will be longer than Teams’ build space too.

Teams mode will be 2 players versus 2 players. The build themes will be specially for the 2 builders on the team and build space will be longer, but not as longer as Pro mode’s space will be.


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I’d really like to see more of you guys’ feedback, so reply to this thread if you want. Thanks! :hammer_and_pick:

I would love a teams mode for just build, but at the moment we don’t know how long matches are going to be, so for now I don’t think pro mode will be necessary.


As long as there’s a solos mode too


Yeah, I’m not having someone build inappropriate things and getting taken down with them, or a greifer

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There obviously will be solos.

And they might add a “report” item on hotbar after /report

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Closing at owner’s request - Thank you to those that left constructive feedback! :honeybee:

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