Illuminater [item]

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With the onset of the new update, the game has become ridiculously hard for murderers

With the inclusion of the super and rare coins it’s possible to get a bow in a significantly low time.

Not to mention other map exclusive facts such as the extra bow[pigment] and the armor[Chroma]

So my suggestion is an item to help out the murderer

Illuminator definitely need a better name
Will be granted when murderer hits multiple of ten coins
Can only be used once after granted

It will randomly illuminate the gamer tag of all innocent players for 2 seconds

It can be represented by the player tracker in sg or smth

Ok that’s all ty
Lemme know your feedback on this.

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this seems very cool, idk how the “purchasing” would work though. Maybe at every 10 coins they’d get a usable one that would illuminate all player names (of players who aren’t crouching) for a second.

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Great idea I have trained you well

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There would be a shop (like the armor shop in chroma)
You can buy it if you feel like you’ll need it from the shopkeeper with coins

I guess most players are gonna buy it late game as that’s when the player count get really low

Also illuminating all players would seem a bit op :sweat_smile:

how would it be op? its only for a second, and it would just give u a general idea of where they are. Maybe instead of a consumable tho it just auto did it when u reached a multiple of 10 coins (to avoid situations where the murderer and inno cant find each other, and as a nerf for camping (it still wouldnt show people who are crouching tho))

Also the idea of a shop is silly bc it would be a dead givaway as to who the murderer is

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Oh yeah you’re right imma change I quick

That’s Practically The Throwing Star Just Can Kill In One Hit. The New Maps Should Be Helping The Inoccent’s Because At First it Was Easy For The Murderer


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Isn’t That What You Said I Couldn’t Really Understand

No, the illuminater doesn’t kill people, it shows the murderer where people are by lighting up the gamer tag


How do you get the armor on chroma?

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you do realize this game is already heavily skewed in the innocents favor. This would help to balance out the game by giving the murderer information about where innocents are and nothing more.

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