ILegendianoth Collab (Treasure Wars and Survival Games)

This was a fun collab to make with my friend who has several thousand subs. he will make a video of his recordings in about a week.
his channel ->

Put this in the #off-topic category please

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lol your not a mod kid and besides I played different games, so I put this in “Games”

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The “Games” category is for threads about the games, not for advertisements. If you want to advertise your Hive content, put it in the off-topic category.

If I was one I would move your post, just trying to remind you :slight_smile:


This video is about games, I literally play them in this video. All my other posts showing off my videos put in this category a mod has never said anything. God you micro mods believe you are above every one else and are probably the kids who would remind the teacher about homework.

Yeah, your also so important you can’t make a mistake apparently, honestly I don’t mind putting a video about the games in the games, but I do agree #off-topic makes more sense.

I didn’t put it in off topic because that seems more like a place that is not related to minecraft or the hive at all

Yeah but these are the section description

so the “games” category somewhat implies it is for discussion of games, and not really advertisements, even though they are more than allowed states “yeah do whatever you want” so I (and ryan) seem to think it fits there better, honestly just a judgement call, and I could care less how you put it, but wanted to add my take.

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games states that “anything else related specifically to our mini games.” I made a video of me and my friend playing those mini games, so it is ok for me to post it in games. If it weren’t a mod would have moved it a while ago. You mini mods need to step down.

I didn’t mini-mod lol, I just put what I thought, if a mod actually had an issue they would have switched the category, I didn’t say you had to put it in off topic, I just thought it made more sense, but you don’t care since apparently your judgement can’t be criticized and your never wrong.

Well I guess I take back calling you a mini-mod, but the Ryan guy before you was mini-modding. At the end of the day, if a mod doesn’t do anything, that it’s fine.

As I said, just trying to help. Mini-modding isn’t disallowed, and please be nice :slight_smile:

Let’s stop arguing

alright sure, whatever you say mini-mod.

ok boomer…

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