If you can see your chat and others can’t, see this. Only if you didn’t get an alert saying your muted in chat


Read this article. It explains how and why some players are randomly shadow muted. It helped me, and some friends get unmuted. Just follow the steps the person wrote. If you can write in chat, but others can’t see it and you can, you are shadow muted. Now the one thing I would ask is for the sake of the admins don’t do this in hub. Have a friend with you in a game. This is to help prevent the hub chat from being over flooded in case you get unmuted there. Hope this helps anyone who gets shadow muted in the future. If it happens again, then I suggest redoing what this article says.

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I have done this topic before this which also helps a little. :slight_smile:


Thing is, there isn’t a duplicate message filter on the hive(unless they finally added one). Useful though :slight_smile:


Ok but eventually me and my friends chat started showing up, but you can’t actually have a message go through if it’s the same as the last one in my experience.

This is why I don’t like how the Hive page handles why no one can see someone’s chats. This article explains that in fact, ghost mutes are almost always a glitch in the system. If they weren’t then Microsoft or Mojang would have made it harder to get by the mute. This article was made to help others instead of having 10 people post a day about how no one can see their chats. This almost always sounds like or is a ghost/shadow mute. This isn’t really meant to help people who aren’t muted. It’s more of something that people who are ghost muted could take a look at. :upside_down_face: