If hive adds enchanted golden apples, would it be OP?

Hello Hivers! (Don’t make fun of me for saying Hivers) A question came to my mind so I decided to ask you guys.

If hive ever added Enchanted golden apples to Treasure wars or skywars, would it be op?

I think it would be too OP since you get extra 8 golden hearts, resistance of different types and that person would be invincible for a few seconds. This is if its rare, if its commonly available then the games would get prolonged, since it would get long time to kill people.


short answer: yes


the most hp you can get in SW is 34HP (17 hearts)

This needs some time to obtain, by mining 5 redstone and eating a gap.

If there was an god apple, players could just instantly get 18 HEARTS, making it super unbalanced.

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Not to mention eating it after mining redstone would give you 23 hearts. With full diamond trading hits, you could take 46 HITS from a SHARP 2 SWORD

Thanks for the replies everyone!

Imagine if this was in skywars… Bruh you could have a maximum of like 50ish (not sure if that is a close number) hp

If you add that and red stone…That’s scary to think about😅 I’ll just stop there


+a prot. 1 helmet

+a prot. 1 boots

Correct me if I a wrong, but I don’t think having both does anything

It would be so powerful golden Apple is ok

why bump?

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