Ideas to improve the game

Let people vote on the thing they have to build. Add more voting options. 20 seconds takes to long to vote I feel 15 sec would be good…


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They can’t really decrease the vote timer, otherwise, if you want to type in chat you will forget to vote.
I personally think that the 20sec vote time is fine, but it should be increased to 30 seconds.

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Y’all should add Solo Extended. Just like Duos Extended but instead you’re solo. Or maybe Solos “Pro” where you get 15 mins and some sort of “World Edit” where you can copy and paste things and have more in depth builds🤔

I agree with @Boyfab135 because grinding is so much slower with a 4 minute vote phase. Each game lasts 10 minutes :confused:

The thing about the vote time being so long is that some players may not have the best WIFI, so the chunks take longer to load in. If the game is tailored towards those with better WIFI, some won’t be able to vote at all.


Sono totalmente d’accordo. Il tempo secondo me è tanto per venti secondi.

Penso che 15 secondi funzionerebbero, ma non ho un’opinione forte

ho utilizzato Google Traduttore

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