Ideas For Things To Do In Treasure Wars

I kept playing hive treasure wars and i had an idea to post a forum asking people to give me ideas of new stuff that i can do in treasure wars. Give me ideas for traps, trolls or other stuff. Thank You. Goodbye

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traps and trolls? they could be bannable

No, why would a trap/troll be bannable if you aren’t b hopping or flying…
I think you can try block trapping or reverse skin troll, that’s what I can think of on the top of my head.

You can do anything in the server, as long as you follow the rules and not bypass the anti-cheat system but not limited to:
Spawn Killing
Inappropriate Skins or Names
Hiding under the map

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I think you are allowed to hide as there is a tracker now (not under the map though)

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Agree, hiding is fine but under the map is a no no

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How can they get banned for traps? They can trap as long as they don’t spawn kill or hack

Hiding is ok, as long as it’s not under the map or hard to reach places

Yeah I just deleted my reply because I just verified and you shouldn’t hiding if it’s holding up the game. @TimePlays15