Ideas for Christmas 2019

-Turn castle into a winter wonderland on both the out and inside.
-The throne chair into Santa chair.
-Add chest with cookies and milk the players can enjoy and or throwable snowballs.

  • For the hunt I would say do maybe colourful elves (villager’s), presents, candy canes, gingerbread man with colourful dots or maybe even snowman.
    -Turn the quest master into Santa.
    -Add spleef or snowball minigame (teams or solo).
    -Turn the houses around the hub in to gingerbread houses.
    -Make the hive sign glow green and red or the parkour
    -Bring back any Christmas costumes that are obtainble through Christmas on the store. (if there any) (not last years hunt)
    -Add friendly snow golems around the hub

That’s all my ideas I’ve thought of if I think of any new ones I’ll update this thanks guys.-SirScratchalot3


This makes me really excited for winter break! Love all the ideas, especially a LTM Christmas snowball fight game that could be done in a death match style.


I think they are all really good ideas but I think making anything that was available for Christmas last year available this year would be unfair on the people who got the limited time things last year.

How about snow particles effects?


I like most of these, some I’m indifferent and none I hate, I think these all (except for the cookies and milk one) could work out well.

I would expect it to be like last Christmas where it plays Christmas music in the castle.

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+1 for me. I can’t wait to have EGGNOG!!! Also yeah your idea is brilliant. DUDE, the buttery creamy milk going down your throat. It really tastes good. I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas and New Years with my fellow hive members.