Idea for tw

Make a reverted chorus fruit

Make a chorus fruit that that tps u to a random other player

Its sorta like the already existing chorus fruit:

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that’s way too op and very annoying. also what’s the point? why? that makes rushing really weird.


Oops sorry deleted some of my idea my idea is that there would be a crazy mode of tw and this would be in it sorry lol I hope that solves you’re problem would love to hear is u still hate it :slight_smile:

It’s a nice idea but it might get to annoying and you might fall off there bridge or tp to them while they’re in the void, if you clear that stuff up it’ll be a solid idea, but an really annoying one.

I definitely dont see this being added but this could make an interesting SW kit…

Maybe you get like 3 chorus fruits that teleport you to a random island but you would probabpy have to be really specific about requirements so it isnt too op or scuffed