Idea for golden mailbot reward


I think it would be cool if there was a special golden mailbot pet added for collection all 100 golden mailbots just as something to follow you around, and I thought it would be an easy thing from the developer side because they’re is already a basic body for it (being the golden mailbots themselves). It could do cool things like speed up at random times, spin around, or pull out a golden letter and carry it to the player for animations.

More information:

Thank you for any feedback or consideration this gets!

I personally love this idea but I made a topic about a free pet a while ago and hive closed it as they don’t plan to add free pets :frowning_face:

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ohh ok I see. yeah I thought it would’ve been something cool because that while the skin is nice, I feel it still needs something else because I personally hold quest points as a low value due to the amount you can get daily from playing

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Hive already stated that they won’t add free pets soon. Also this idea is already discussed many times before and please do use the search bar if you want to make an original suggestion.


Duplicate suggestion.