I was incorrectly muted by an Admin

so the admin Anikitten muted me incorrectly, here is the whole story:
Me and my friend ElixirEye were playing sg duos and there was an admin on, who is AniKitten. My friend sparked a conversation with her and how her name is similar to another one of our friends. We were just having friendly competition with her and her duo partner. Her duo partner killed Elixir and then me and typed ‘ez’ in the chat. Nothing happens me and Elixir just go into the next round. Straight off of the start of the game me and Elixir are targeted off spawn by AniKitten and her partner. Me and Elixir kill her and her partner and we both type ‘ez’ in the chat as a joke because that’s exactly what her partner did to us. She then mutes me and Elixir protests in chat but then he gets muted as well. The screenshot is my only proof of the aftermath, I unfortunately did not record the game because I had just finished a day of filming clips for an upcoming video, so I didn’t feel I needed to record. I apologize to AniKitten for typinmg ‘ez’ but in my defense her duo partner was the instigator and she did nothing about it. This is literally how multiplayer games with chat work and this is just friendly competition and banter. This is a borderline abuse of power as she seemingly did this out of salt and this does not seem to be the first time some one has been muted for a grain of salt reason like this. I just want to be unmuted and/or have a better understanding why I was muted for an entire week after replying with ‘ez’ after her team mate said the same exact thing first. The mute was called “player abuse” which is really pretty off because I don’t think ‘ez’ is enough to be considered abuse unless you are a literal snow flake of a specimen.



Sorry this has happened, however the correct place to appeal a punishment is through emailing [email protected]. Would also like to mention that if you have an issue with a staff member, the best thing to do would be to bring it up privately to our Staff Manager, SourMatt. Posting public threads can often lead to unnecessary flame and arguments.

Closing this thread as the question has been answered.