I want to do Skywars Challenges

Hey People, So, I’ve been bored of skywars lately. So I would like to do some challenges tell me what challenges to do

Skywars but, play without armour or without sword

Skywars but you can’t use a sword and you need at least 5 kills.

Skywars but you play with pink glitch

Skywars but you can’t open or break chests!

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Skywars but whenever you do something, you have scream

Skywars but Speedrun

So here are some fun challenges/ things to do when your bored in skywars.

  1. Play megas because there are a lot more people and lots of low levels in it (Although you will sometimes run into a sweaty party)
  2. Do some quests, I do all the skywars quests each day I can because it gives me quest points and adds a quest to do while playing the game.
  3. Try a few challenges like these. Only being able to win by trapping, using no armor or using no swords.
  4. You can also do sky kits and use the trapper kit and use the invisibility spell to troll people.
  5. Search Up on youtube or twitch or whatever “Hive Bedrock” and just set it into Live and it will show you all the Youtubers that are live streaming Hive atm, and most of them do cs’s so you could join in and play with them for a bit.
  6. if you have any friends online then invite them to a custom server and try some of the presets. Deathtag is probably the most fun out of all of them.
    Anyways hopefully I cured your boredom. Beece out :beedance:

axe only weapon
or pickaxe

Skywars but make friends with everyone and tell them to let you win