I want to be a moderator

hello. i have played minecraft bedrock for a while now and i get annoyied then i find a hacker. i just want to help out. do you have moderators or anything that bans hackers? if so im requesting to be one. this may not be the right place. ty

You can apply for helper here. https://playhive.com/helper/ , you need to be 14+.
Notice if you get accepted helper you won’t have any commands really. You’ll just be helping other players and answering their questions. As well as moderating chat.


Yeah as stated above, you can’t apply for mod, you are chosen for it. Also I’d suggest getting more involved with the community before just asking for mod basically


you’re wrong…

Who is and why …

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Owen, what I stated is what you will need to follow. You don’t get admin, if your accepted. You get helper. You’re chosen for admin if you show you want it or you can be trusted. You aren’t just working as a admin. Your also protecting The Hive and a lot of other things I will not mention.