I want to apologise to the community

As some of you may know, about 33 replies (or something) were deleted in the ‘Favourites Tab In The Item Shop’ TW thread. This is because the thread’s creator (@Ryan), @Arthur (sometimes) and I were all against @anon54409258’s idea. However, I think we took it way too far, with @Ryan creating a joke suggestion for a moon based server, and the three of us agreeing that @anon54409258 belonged to Club Penguin, Fortnite and Minecraft: Education Edition. I wanted to apologise for my part of this mess, to @anon54409258 for targeting him, and to the whole community for not acting like a Regular should.

I hope you forgive me.


I still stand with what I said in that thread that if you can’t take criticism get off the forums, but you shouldn’t have to handle harassment on the forums, period. I don’t think I technically broke any rules, but there are some things I wish I had reworded and not joined the harassment somewhat, so sorry for that @anon54409258


Thank you for also apologising @thegamingtoyyt.


idrk what happened, but it’s good you apologized.


Hey there. Yes, I am back.

All I just want to say is: I’m sorry for everything.

Now i’m just waiting until @Ryan and @anon54409258 gets their account no longer in hold so they do their apologies too.

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I was literally thinking “wait did arthur get muted also” like an hour ago, welcome back!

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Jokes aside, thank you so much.


Fixed the issue since that’s a name I should know how to spell lol

Thanks for apologising.

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Thank you for apologizing for me and I will apologize too. I am sorry for the mess I created In the first place as it went over the fence and was not constructive criticism anymore. I’m also sorry for not accepting anyone’s opinions as they aren’t facts and should be treated equal with others. After the part where @Ryan escalated the problem, he made me really mad and had thoughts of it throughout my sleep. But your apology made me feel better. Thank you.


Punishments were given, and we deserved. We are both unmuted, but Ryan still not.

I sent him a message and he replyed with this:

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Hello guys, I’m back.

It’s 10 PM right now so this isn’t going to be my best work, but here goes:

This is quite fascinating. I’m one of the most active people yet the most infracted person. I don’t know how to feel about this.

This community is self-ran well without moderator intervention and I certainly feel ashamed for creating a mess in the first place. Although I may have not started the argument, I certainly made it go into a terrible direction and wound @Arthur , @HolyPotato263 and @anon54409258 up into a big mess. I was trying to act peaceful and civil—yet still ended up hurting people.

I promise to behave better as one of the most active people of this community.


Everyone apologised. May this thread be closed now?

@AniKitten @Splodg3r ^^