I want so challenges

can you tall me so challenges that I can do in tw plz :smiley:

You could play with your FOV at 30.

You could do a no block challenge

I want to jump bridge

no armor challenge

no weapon challenge

w key only challenge

highest sens challenge

lowest sens challenge


ok I will do w key only

F1 challenge
No weapon and armour challenge

oh I know now the f1 callenge

play against me challenge

(tbh not that hard xD)

no monitor challenge


no minecraft challenge

The Minecraft: Windows 2000 Edition challenge

No treasure challenge (if you die when you treasure is alive, u left).

You could play with an FOV below max

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low fps challenge - install some resource pack so it gets really laggy

have google chrome and discord(both with hardware acceleration), fortnite, and minecraft at the same time

how do I get resource pack

instead of doing challenges probably figure that out xdxdx

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so you don’t know how to

Just download from the internet, search for any (or did I understand your question wrong?)